Welcome all to the 2020 AGM

It has been another busy year which Fiona will give in detail later in her secretarys report..

I will just give a few highlights.  We marked our 50thanniversary in different ways throughout the year. Our jackets, medals, juvenile 50thcelebrations, our dinner dance in October and the launch of our book, “The Life and times of Glenmore AC 1969 -2019 and still running”. I want to acknowledge each and every one who pulled out the stops to mark our year, to  Vicky, Kenneth and Mickey  my club colleagues who worked together to compile the book and to Sean Boyle and Gerry McAlinden who gave their expertise,  to local girl Michelle McMahon for doing such a fine job on design and printing.

I pay tribute to our founders and those who have continued the work of the club over the 50years. Those who worked tirelessly for the development of the facilities we now have, we are one of the most foremost sporting organisations in the peninsula, our commitment to the development of young people in sport continues 48 weeks of the year, our facilities are being used by seniors  the year round. It’s an extraordinary commitment for a community-based organisation. Our volunteers continue to work to organise events with three major races, our operation Bushformation program, the CooleyCredit Union races, and the summer camp inJuly 2019, the first for many years, alongside regular juvenile training. Thank you, committee and coaches, for your work. To our governing body the Athletic Association of Ireland and Louth county Board for their structure and support with all our events.

To our juvenile coaching panel and the new coaches on board the last year, I  ask that you continue to work as a team so that our young athletes will experience every aspect of athletics, we have the facilities so let’s make sure they are being used, we must make them feel confident and that their time in our care, they receive the encouragement to want to compete and want to wear the green and white of Glenmore ac.These are the future of our club, we want them to feel proud of their club, we are the second largest club in Louth and we need that to be reflected at training and in competition. To committee, members, coaches and mentors please ensure that registration and vetting is current as we are responsible for the safety of these young people in our care, no registration, no insurance cover, so much time is spent on following this up in the past.

To those of you for the past number of years who I have worked alongside, I thank you for your commitment to GlenmoreAC, we are up there with the best, there is nothing we can’t achieve, if we put our minds to it, to those of you who have taken phone call, text messages emails at unearthly times of the day or night thank you, for those friends of the club who have, sponsored  stewarded ,catered , baked, collected and donated over the years thank you.I look forward to a new committee, new ideas, fresh thinking and to the very many of you where Glenmore ac is your passion, this club will continue to provide an alternative for the people of the community.I ask new people to come on board to get actively involved, to come to meetings, have your input, this is your club, have your say, a club is not one person, it is a group of people.


I have witnessed many great days and events in my time with the club, I have learned a lot from my predecessors,  I have made many friends and acquaintances, I have seen  and discovered many qualities in people, and for those of us in the senior and vet league, our club runs early and late, have brought us to all levels. With the Louth Senior and Juvenile Track and Field  on the agenda at Bush this year,  I hope that we might give some focus in 2020 to AAI championships. We have produced many champions over the years in this area, so lets make a return to that this year.

Sadly 2019 has seen the loss of two former club members Shane McGinn and Frank McCann both played their part in this club, what best way to honour them than to commit to competition for the year, To the media outlets where our name is mentioned, our webpage, Argus, Democrat, LMFM,FB , church bulletins, thanks for your coverage,

To Fiona who came on board this year as secretary, already filling the role of Senior PRO and one of the senior female athletes, a big thank you for all your work, you have kept us all up to speed as well as taking on another major role in July and getting married to Barry another club member( not forgetting our other senior athletes Shane and Katie getting married in February,( there’s nothing like keeping it in the club) to the other secretaries who I have worked with over my term as chairlady,  Anna, Irene and Emma, thank you for all your guidance and structure.

I  want to extend our good wishes and good health to our President Danny Ferguson and to our outgoing treasurer Jim Clerkin who has served on the committee from the mid-80s and to our former chairman Francis O’Reilly who has been part of the club for the past fifty years.

Finally to the committees and all the people I have worked with over the years I acknowledge your support and encouragement in getting jobs done, my goal at all times was for the good of the club, it has been a big part of my life which I hope I have given of my best and I look forward in 2020 to supporting the club in a lessor role.