Louth Track & Field Championships


The Louth Track & Field Championships took place over two weekends at the Lourdes Stadium, Drogheda on Friday 2nd May & at Bush Track on Saturday 3rd  May & Saturday 10th. They proved to be very successful meets for Glenmore AC athletes with over 60 athletes competing & over 110 medals  won throughout the three days. Once again, team work paid off with relay successes galore. Congrats to all who participated and thanks to mentors & coaches for their constant support and dedication to training athletes. The Cooley area Community Games will take place at Bush Track on Thursday 15th May at 7pm sharp.

Meanwhile, Fit 4 Life athletes are busy training on mountain trails and participating in speed sessions at the track. Whilst, the walkers took to the mountain trail on Sunday morning at 8am. Training for juveniles continues every Tuesday & Thursday from 7-8pm and Fit 4 Life on Monday & Wednesdays.

Friday 2nd May results

Long Jump

U16 Boys Tadhg Leahy 2nd. U17 Boys Cian Duffy 2nd U19 Boys Cormac Barry 1st


U14 Girls Niamh Rice 1st, Katelyn Quinn, 2nd. U14 Boys Brendan McCann 3rd.

Saturday 3rd May results:


U9 Boys William Quinn, Adam Sharkey both qualified for final.

U10 Girls Lisa Conlon & Isobel Meehan qualified for final with Isobel coming 4th.

U10 Boys James Sharkey qualified for final. U11 Girls Laoise McElroy qualified for final.

U12 Girls Qualifiers Nicole Barry, Katie Conlon, Anna McArdle & Brianain McBride. Ciara Carolan 2nd in final.

U13 Girls Qualifiers Ciara Quinn and Erica Quinn, 3rd in final. U13 Boys Niall Brady, 2nd, Aaron Carolan, 3rd and Ian Arnold.

U14 Girls Niamh Rice, 3rd. U15 Girls Chloe Barry, 3rd. U15 Boys: Paul McGlynn, 1st.

U16 Girls Hannah Stewart, 3rd, U16 Boys Tadhg Leahy, 1st. U17 Boys Cian Duffy, 3rd U19 Boys Adam McQuillan, 3rd



Long Jump

U9 Girls: Chloe McCarragher, Lucy White & Orlagh Daly. U9: William Quinn, Fionn O’Reilly & Cathal Walsh.

U10 Girls Ava Brady, Niamh Lavery & Caoimhe McBride. U10 Boys James McBride, Cian McGuinness & Cormac Woods.

U11 Girls Laoise McElroy, 1st, Esther Quinn. U11 Boys Sean McCarragher, Shaun Quinn. U16 Boys Tadhg Leahy, 2nd

Turbo Javelin

U9 Girls: Chloe mcCarragher, 3rd, Lucy White & Orlagh Daly. U9 Boys: William Quinn, 1st, Fionn O’Reilly, Cathal Walsh & Adam Sharkey.

U10 Girls Caoimhe McBride & Niamh Lavery. U10 Boys James McBride, 3rd and Cian McGuinness.

U11 Girls Esther Quinn, 3rd, Blathnaid Murphy. U11 Boys Shaun Quinn, 3rd, Sean McCarragher

Shot Putt

U13 Girls Ciara Quinn


U9 Girls: Lucy White, Chloe McCarragher, Aoife McGee and Orlagh Daly. 1st team.

U9 Boys: Cathal Walsh, Adam Sharkey, William Quinn & Fionn O’Reilly.

U10 Girls Isobel Meehan, Lisa Conlon, Ava Brady, Caoimhe McBride.  2ndteam

U10 Boys James McBride, James Sharkey, Cormac Woods & Cian McGuinness. 2nd team

U11 Girls Eve Meehan, Laoise McElroy, Blathnaid Murphy, Esther Quinn.3rd team

U11 Boys Shaun Quinn, Sean McCarragher, James McBride, James Sharkey

U13 Girls Ciara Quinn, Erica Quinn, Orlagh McGuigan, Brianain McBride .3rd team

U13 Boys James McArdle, Aaron Carolan, Niall Brady, Ian Arnold. 2nd team

U15 Girls Lillian O’Reilly, Chloe Barry, Kate Arnold & Niamh Rice. 3rd team

U15 Boys Fionn Reilly, Glen Stewart, Eoghan O’Connor, Paul McGlynn.  1st team.




U14 Girls Maeve White & Aimee Farnan. U14 Boys Fionn Reilly

U15 Girls Chloe Barry, Kate Arnold, Lillian O’Reilly. U15 Boys Eoghan O’Connor, 2nd

U16 Girls Hannah Stewart, 1st, Maria Digny, 3rd. U16 Boys Tadhg Leahy, 2nd.

U17 Girls Annie McGuinness, 2nd. U17 Boys Aaron McGuigan, 1st.


U9 Girls: Lucy White, Chloe McCarragher & Orlagh Daly. Orlagh Daly 3rd in final. U9 Boys: William Quinn.

U10 Girls Isobel Meehan, 4th, Ava Brady, Caoimhe McBride, Lisa Conlon, Niamh Lavery


U11 Girls Eve Meehan. U12 Anna McArdle, 2nd, Katie Conlon, Nicole Barry & Brianain McBride.

U12 Boys Daragh Brady, 3rd.U13 Girls Ciara Quinn. U13 Boys James McArdle, 1st, Niall Brady,3rd & Aaron Carolan, 4th


U19 Boys Cormac Barry, 3rd


Saturday 10th May results


U12 Girls Anna McArdle, 2nd U13 Girls Erica Quinn, 2nd U13 Boys Aaron Carolan, 2nd

U14 Boys Fionn Reilly, 2nd U15 Chloe Barry U19 Adam McQuillan, 1st.


U12 Girls Anna McArdle, Katie Conlon, Nicole Barry, Ciara Carolan.  2nd team

U12 Boys Daragh Brady, John Digney, Liam Quinn, Cian Reilly. 2nd team.

U14 Girls Shauna Lavery, Hannah Gormley, Aimee Farnan, Katelyn Quinn. 3rd team

U14 Boys Aaron Carolan, Brendan McCann, Glen Stewart, James McArdle. 3rd team

U16 Girls Lillian O’Reilly, Maria Digney, Chloe Barry, Hannah Stewart. 1st team


Shot Putt

U14 Girls Katelyn Quinn, 2nd, Shauna Lavery, 3rd, Lorna Keenan. U14 Boys Brendan McCann, Fionn Reilly

U15 Girls Lillian O’Reilly

Long Jump

U12 Girls Anna McArdle, Nicole Barry U12 Boys Daragh Brady

U13 Girls Erica Quinn, 2nd . U13 Boys Aaron Carolan, 1st, Niall Brady, 3rd, James McArdle, Ian Arnold

U14 Girls, Katelyn Quinn, Hannah Gormley, Maeve White, Shauna Lavery, Aimee Farnan,, Lorna Keenan.

U15 Girls Chloe Barry 2nd , Kate Arnold, U15 Boys Paul McGlynn, 1st, Eoghan O’Connor, 2nd


U15 Girls Nicola Ferguson, 3rd, U15 Boys Eoghan O’Connor, 3rd U16 Girls Hannah Stewart, 1st

U17 Girls Annie McGuinness, 1st U17 Boys Aaron McGuigan , 3rd U19 Boys Cormac Barry, 2nd


U14 Girls Katelyn Quinn U14 Glen Stewart . U15 Paul McGlynn, 1st, U16 Girls Hannah Stewart, 3rd, Maria Digney .U16 Boys Tadhg Leahy, 1st . U19 Adam McQuillan 2nd

Turbo javelin

U12 Girls Alice Ferguson, 3rd, Brianain McBride, Ciara Carolan

U12 Boys Cian Reilly, 2nd