The Daily Mile.

Glenmore AC with the Support of Athletics Ireland are promoting the Daily mile and have distributed the pack to all the schools in their catchment area.

The Daily Mile was the brain child of a Scottish teacher Elaine Wyllie when in 2012 she asked a group of 10 year olds to run around the school playing field, when she discovered half of them had to stop midway completely exhausted. It was very obvious they were completely unfit, she sat down with a tired class and together they discussed a plan that would help them to overcome this. They marked out a mile on their playing field and each day they walked, jogged and ran this distance. The results were remarkable, the children looked better, felt better and were much fitter. This took 15 minutes a day, it’s not about the distance done it’s about spending 15 minutes jogging or running at the childs own pace. At the end of the term the improvements in the children’s health physical were obvious but what they didn’t see were the important benefits to their mental health, emotional and social health and wellbeing which became apparent over time. Athletics Ireland are promoting this in Ireland now and Glenmore AC are delighted to promote and encourage this in North Louth and what better time than alongside their Operation Bushformation 2019 program for over 18’s. Frank Greally editor of the Irish Runner is delighted with the club for taking this initiative to get moving and hopes to call to the participating schools to motivate the children. The club acknowledges the good work of the teachers and understands the demands they are under but feel this mile might make all the difference. For further information please contact Glenmore AC at 086 0368463