Louth Track and field championships 2016

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U9 Girls
Leah Dunne got through to semi final 60m and also took part in 300m L/Jump & Turbo
Jessica White 3rd 300m
Emma McCarragher 4th in 60m sprint, 4th in 300m
Aine O’Reilly, Aoife Keenan, Grace Keenan, Ella Rose McMahon took part in 60m, L/Jump & Turbo
Ella Rose came 3rd in Turbo Javelin.
Girls Relay team came 1st Jessica, Katie, Grace, Emma & sub Aoife.

U10 Girls
Sarah Murphy took part in 60m, 500m, L/Jump & Turbo

U11 Girls
Lucy White came 2nd in the 60m and competed well in 600m, longjump & Turbo
Orlaith & Chloe got through to the semi-finals of 60m sprint, ran great in 600m and competed in longjump. Chloe also took part in Turbo.
Anna and Aoife competed well in the 60m, longjump and turbo. Anna also ran 600m
Lucy, Orlaith, Chloe, Anna, & Aoife came first in relay.

U12 Girls
Lisa Conlon and Ava Brady came 4th and 6th in 60m hurdles final.
Ava, Lisa, Claudia Mullen & Caitlin Savage ran well in 80m sprints.
Lisa 4th, Claudia 5th & Ava 6th in 600m.
Ava Brady 6th longjump final.
Relay team came 4th with Claudia, Lisa, Chloe McCarragher & Ava.

U13 Girls
Blaithnaid Murphy & Grace Dearey competed in the 60m sprints and 600m race.
Blaithnaid, Grace, Ava & Lisa ran well in relay u13.

U14 Girls
Anna McArdle came 1st in 800m, Katie Conlon 2nd and Zofia Mullen 3rd.
Nicole Barry came 5th in 80m and Ciara Carolan came 3rd in her 80m sprint.
Anna McArdle came 1st in 1500m and Katie Conlon 2nd.
Nicole Barry came 2nd in 200m and 3rd in longjump.
Ciara Quinn 4th longjump
Relay team came 3rd – Anna, Nicole, Ciara, Zofia.

U15 Girls
Erin, Ciara, Anna & Ciara Quinn & Nicole came 2nd in relay

U16 Girls
Katelyn 3rd 100m sprint and Anna Mai Mullen 5th
Katie Mallon 3rd in 800m, 1st 1500m
Relay team u16 came 2nd Ciara & Katelyn Quinn, Katie Mallon, Anna-Mai Mullen.

Sinead MacErlane 2nd 1500m

Ultan, Cian and Sleibhin all competed in the turbo javelin.
Cian Mc Gee came 3rd in the Longjump and 4th in the 60m he also ran the 300m
Ultan also competed well in 60m.

Dualta came 1st in turbo and competed in 60m and longjump
Ruairi came 2nd in 60m final 6th in 500m and competed in turbo
Relay team came 2nd – Ruairi, Sleibhin, Dualta, Cian Doran & Ultan Gill

Fionn O’Reilly came 2nd in Turbo
Shane Gallagher, Cormac mc coy and Tom Dearey competed in 60m, 600m & Longjump.
Cronan Duffy competed in 60m sprint
Relay team came 3rd – Shane, Fionn, Cormac, Tom & Ruairi

Cian McGuinness came 3rd in Shot Putt
Killian Leegan took part in 60m, 600m, & Longjump

Sean McCarragher, Conor McGuinness, Ciaran Doran  & Oisin Fitzgerald competed in the longjump.
Shaun Quinn came 1st in shot putt
Conor Mc Guinness came 4th in the shot putt also competed in 80m, 600m.
Ciaran Doran 80m, 600m
Relay team came 3rd – Sean, Conor, Ciaran, Killian

Daragh Brady 3rd in his 80m sprint and ran in 800m.
Daragh Brady came 2nd in 200m and Sam Dawson 3rd. Sam also competed in the longjump 3rd with Daragh & Enda O’Neill. Enda came 3rd in shot putt and Sam competed in shot also.
U14 relay team came 1st with Sean McCarragher, Sam, Enda, Daragh & sub Conor McGuinness.

U15 boys
Jamed McArdle came 3rd in his 200m heat, making it through to final. Niall Brady came 2nd in 200m final & 1st in longjump.

Niall Brady 1st 100m 3rd 800m
Eoin McCann ran well in 100m & 800m while Liam Maguire got injured during 800m race.
Relay team came 1st – Niall, James, Eoin, Daragh & Enda

Richard Campbell 2nd 100m
Andrew Moore ran in the 800m
Richard Campbell came 3rd in 200m sprint. Glen Stewart 4th in 1500m.
U16 relay team came 1st.

U17 boys
Paul McGlynn came 1st in 200m and Eoghan O’Connor 2nd in 1500m.
Paul McGlynn 1st in 100m
Eoghan O’Connor 3rd in 800m