Louth Pre-Championships & Patsy Kelly 5k

Louth Pre-Championships took place on Saturday 11th at Bush Track. Fortunately, the rain stayed off & it was great to see such a big turnout of athletes from Glenmore & other Louth clubs.

Girls results:


60m: Emma McCarragher,2nd Katie McDonald, 3rd Jessica White, Aine Gallagher, Grace Keenan, Saoirse Byrne.

200m:Emma McCarragher, 1st, Jessica White, Katie McDonald, Aine Gallagher, Grace Keenan.

Turbo javelin: , Katie McDonald, 4th , Emma McCarragher,Jessica White, , Aine Gallagher, Grace Keenan


80m Saoirse McBride, Mia Ashby, Dearbhla McBride, Liathu Gray

200m: Saoirse McBride,

Long Jump: Dearbhla McBride


80m: LucyWhite, 1st, Orlaith daly, 3rd, Chloe Mccarragher, through to final, Anna Dawson, semi-final, Aoife McGee, sarah mallon, Ava Ashby.

200m: LucyWhite, 4th Chloe Mccarragher, 5th

Turbo Javelin: Chloe McCarragher, 2nd, LucyWhite, 4th , Anna Dawson, Orlaith daly, Mia Ashby, Ava Ashby, Sarah Mallon.


80m: Caoimhe McBride, through to final, Ava brady, Katie mcGuinness, Lisa Conlon, Niamh McManus, Caitlin Savage

400m: Lisa Conlon,Ava Brady, Caoimhe McBride, Katie McGuinness, Niamh McManus, Caitlin Savage

Long Jump: Caoimhe McBride Niamh McManus, Lisa Conlon, Caitlin Savage, Ava Brady, Katie McGuinness.


80m: Laoise McElroy, Blathnaid Murphy, Esther Quinn

400m: Laoise McElroy 4th, Blathnaid Murphy,

Turbo javelin: Blathnaid Murphy


80m Ciara carolan, 2nd , Anna McArdle, Katie Conlon,laoise McGuinness, Breanna savage

400m Anna McArdle, 2ndKatie Conlon, 5th.

Long Jump Anna McArdle, Laoise McElroy, Breanna Savage


100m Ciara Quinn, Final, Erin gray, final, Erica Quinn.

800m: Ciara Quinn, 3rd, Erin Gray.



100m Katelyn Quinn, 3rd, Katie Mallon

800m Katie Mallon, 3rd

Long Jump Erica Quinn, 3rd, Katelyn Quinn, 4th, Ciara Quinn, Katie Mallon

U16 Girls shotputt Katelyn Quinn, 4th


100m Hannah Stewart, 2nd, Maria Digny, 3rd

800m Hannah Stewart, 1st, Maria Digny

Long Jump Maria Digny 3rd.

Shot Putt Hannah Stewart, 2nd , Maria Digny, 3rd


Boys results


60m Ultan Gill, Christopher Conlon, Daniel Page

200m Ultan Gill, Christopher Conlon, Daniel Page

Turbo javelin Ultan Gill, Daniel Page


80m Dualta O’Neill, Adam Brady

200m Dualta O’Neill, Adam Brady

Long Jump Dualta O’Neill


80m Jason Brady, , Through to final, Cilliian Murphy, through to final,Adam Sharkey, Fionn O’Reilly, Shane Gallagher, William Quinn.

200m Jason Brady, Cillian Murphy, Willaim Quinn, Adam Sharkey, Fionn O’Reilly.

Turbo javelin William Quinn, Fionn O’Reilly, Cilliian Murphy, Shane Gallagher, Jason Brady, Adam Sharkey



80m Cian Mcguinness, James Sharkey, James McBride

400m James Sharkey, James McBride, Cian Mcguinness

Long Jump James Sharkey, Cian Mcguinness, , James McBride


80m Sean O’kane, Oisin fitzgerald, Pierce Mcmanus, Sean McCarragher, Shaun Quinn

400m Sean O’kane, 4th, Shaun Quinn, Oisin fitzgerald, Sean McCarragher, pierce McManus

Turbo javelin Shaun Quinn, 3rd,  Sean McCarragher, 5th, Pierce McManus, Sean O’Kane, Oisin Fitzgerald.



80m Daragh Brady, john Digny, Ethan Murphy, Darragh Conway

400m Sam dawson, 3rd , Daragh Brady,4th, Darragh Conway

Long Jump Sam dawson, 4th, Ethan Murphy, Darragh Brady, Shaun Quinn, Sean Mccarragher.


100m Niall Brady, 2nd, 800m Niall Brady.


800m Eoghan O’Connor, 2nd.

100m Paul McGlynn, 3rd.


800m Tadhg Leahy, 2nd.

Relay teams

U9 Girls Saoirse McBride, Katie McDonald, Emma McCarragher, Jessica White (4th), Aine Gallagher, Dearbhla McBride, Mia Ashby, Grace keenan.

U10 Boys teams: Cillian Murphy, Jason Brady, Fionn O’Reilly, Shane Gallagher, Adam Sharkey, Adam Brady, Dualta O’Neill, William Quinn.

U11 Girls relay teams 2nd ,5th & 9th place: Ava Brady, Lisa Conlon, Orlaith Daly, Lucy White, Caoimhe McBride, Anna Dawson, Katie McGuinness, Chloe McCarragher, Caitlin Savage, Niamh McManus, Sarah Mallon, Ava Ashby & Aoife McGee.

U12 Boys teams 3rd and 4th: Sean McCarragher, Shaun Quinn, Oisin Fitzgerald, James Sharkey, James McBride, Sean O’Kane, Cian McGuinness, Pierce McManus.

U13 Girls 1st and 8th: Anna McArdle, Laoise McElroy, Katie Conlon, Ciara Carolan, Nicole Barry, Breanna Savage, Laoise McGuinness, Blathnaid Murphy.

U14 Boys 2nd team, U15 Girls 4th with Dunleer athlete.

It was a busy weekend for senior athletes. On the 18th April Tadhg Leahy came home 4th in the 10km Land of Legends followed by teammates Gavin White, Kinga Byrne, Rose White, Ann McEvoy, Marie O Connor and Vicky Leahy. Patrick White led Glenmore athletes home in the Land of Legends half marathon with John Kane, Fiona Finan, Karen May, Stephen O Connor, Ali mcEnhill and Fionne Lynch in her first half marathon. On Saturday evening Shane Toner, Ciarain Walsh, Tony Mulligan and Kenneth McBride were 5th team in the Patsy Kelly 5km with Kenneth also winning 3rd in his category. Hot on their heels were Pat Ferguson, Michael McShane, Gerry Stewart, Nicola Ferguson, Erin Gray, Aidan McCoy in his first 5km, Hannah Gormley, Sharon Mulligan, Lorraine Gillespie, Melissa McCoy also in her first 5km and Sheila Mckevitt.

Congrats to all.

Please see here for further details on Cooley Credit Union races which begins at 6.30pm sharp at track, Bush School, Thursday April 23rd. Details have been sent to all primary schools in the peninsula.