Cooley Credit Union Races

On Thursday 1st May the annual Cooley Credit Union Races took place at Bush track. Thanks to Cooley Credit Union and to all helpers from Glenmore AC for a well organised, enjoyable evenings athletics. A special congratulations to all primary school children from the 12 schools who participated in the events and to the teachers who encouraged them.

It was neck and neck right to the last relay with Carlingford on 38 points just beating Dulargy (36 points) for the Jim Savage Cup and Rathcor (22 points) overcoming Mullaghbuoy (19 points) for the Liam Clifford Shield.

Well done also to Boher (28 points), Rampark (26 points), Monksland (20 points), Bellurgan (19 points), Faughart (15 points) and Ardaghy (8 points).

Whilst St Laurences, Omeath scored 14 points in the Liam Clifford Shield competition.

The following are the results:

Sprint Finals

1st class Girls: 1.Eimear Traynor, Faughart,2. Roselyn Connolly, Dulargy, 3.Molly Cassidy, Ardaghy.

1st class Boys: 1.Luke McGovern, Ardaghy 2. Ruairi Traynor, Rampark 3. Jack King, Faughart.

2nd class Girls: 1. Isobel Meehan, Rampark 2. Sophie Hanlon, Bellurgan 3. Dearbhla Levins, faughart.

2nd class Boys: 1. Tomas McDonald, Boher. 2. James McBride, Rathcor 3. Tomas McCarragher, Boher.

3rd class Girls: 1. Kelly Carolan, Boher 2. Kate Reilly Carlingford. 3. Saule Juraityte Carlingford.

3rd class Boys: 1. Daire McDaid Carlingford. 2. Aaron Murphy, Rampark. 3.  Adam Roddy, Bellurgan.

4th  class Girls: 1. Zofia Mullen, Dulargy 2. Robyn Griffith, Dulargy 3. Sarah Lennon, Monksalnd.

4th class Boys: 1. Tume, Matsatse, Bellurgan. 2. John Digny, Carlingford 3. Daragh Conway, rathcor.

5th class Girls: 1. Ciara Carolan, rampark 2. Orlagh McGuigan, Rathcor. 3. Anna McArdle, Faughart.

5th class Boys: 1. Tomas McCarragher, Boher. 2. Quinn Ryan, Carlingford. 3. Eunan McMullen, Boher.

6th class Girls: 1. Erica Quinn, Dulargy 2. Hannah Kirwan, Monksland 3. Shauna Lavery, rathcor.

6th class Boys: 1. Conor Watters, bellurgan 2. Jordan Forbes, carlingford. 3. Aidan Ryan, Carlingford.

600m Finals

4th class Girls: 1. Alice Ferguson, Mullaghbuoy 2. Laoise McElroy, Carlingford. 3. Sophie Grey, Dulargy.

4th class Boys: 1. Darragh Brady, Carlingford. 2. Jack Conway, Rathcor. 3. Sean O’Kane, Rampark.

5th class Girls: 1. Ciara Quinn, Monksland. 2. Nicole Barry, Mullaghbuoy.

5th class Boys: 1. Niall Brady, Carlingford. 2. Darren Conor, Rampark. 3. Cian Murphy, Boher.

6th class Girls: 1. Maeve White, Rathcor. 2. Grace McCarthy, Dulargy. 3. Niamh Morgan, bellurgan.

6th class Boys: 1. Peter Shields, Carlingford. 2. James McArdle, Faughart. 3. Fionn Reilly, St.Laurences.

Relay Finals

Girls. 1. Dulargy 2. Monksland 3. Rathcor

Boys: 1.Carlingford 2. Boher 3. Rampark

Turbo Javelin

1st class Girls: 1. Aisling Dunne, Dulargy. 2. Ciara Dunne Dulargy 3. Eilish Murphy, Monksland.

1st class Boys: 1. Fionn O’Reilly, Mullaghbuoy 2. Dualta, mullaghbuoy. 3. Dan Mullen, Faughart.

Cillian Cullen Quinn, Faughart.

2nd class Girls: 1. Chloe McCarragher, Boher. 2. Lucy White, Boher. 3. Sarah Brookes Carlingford.

2nd class Boys: 1. Cian Mcguinness, Monksland. 2. Marcus Kinsella, Rampark. 3. Sean fearon, Ardaghy.

3rd class Girls: 1. Evelyn Rebindaine, St Laurences. 2. Caitlin Savage, Mullaghbuoy. 3.  Clodagh Larmie,  Dulargy.

3rd class Boys: 1. Michael McGuigan, Ardaghy 2. Joseph McEnaney, Rampark. 3. Rory Wallace, Mullaghbuoy.

6th class girls: Rebecca Brodigan, Bellurgan.

Long Jump

5th class Girls: 1. Roisin McDaid, Carlingford 2. Blaithin Malone, Rathcor. 3. Sophie O’Kane Dulargy

5th class Boys: 1. Paul Brennan, St Laurences 2. Cronan Rice, rampark. 3. Aaron rafferty, Boher.

6th class Girls: 1. Gillian Fearon, Dulargy 2. Kirsten Murray, Monksland 3. Lorna Keenan, rampark.

6th class Boys:1. Aaron Carolan, Boher. 2. Justin O’Hagan, Dulargy 3. Josh McShane, Carlingford.


2nd/3rd/4th class

  1. Anna Carroll, Bellurgan 2. Dylan Tuohy, Rathcor 3. Daire McDaid, Carlingford.


5th/6th class

  1. Cara Pilbeam, Dulargy 2. Paul Brennan, St Laurences Joint 3rd, Ciara Quinn, Monksland and Kate Traynor, Mullaghbuoy.